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In engineering, simulation programs became an important part in everyday life. Due to the complexity of many processes a simplified approach is often not sufficient to describe or predict the relevant variables.


Practically all research projects carried out at AVT involve the implementation of software for scientific computing. Some implementations have evolved to software that is useful beyond the project it originated from.

DyOS - Dynamic Opimization Software

PEAXACT - Software for Quantitative Spectroscopy

EE-Toolbox - Energy-Efficiency Toolbox

WOMS - Work Process Modeling System

JADE - Sensitivity Analysis of Smooth Modelica Models

BOARPET - Bilevel Optimization Algorithm for Rigorous and Robust Parameter Estimation in Thermodynamics

  • MEXA Toolbox - Model-Based Experimental Analysis

OptoEconToolbox - Economic NMPC and Dynamic Real-Time Optimization of Chemical Processes

DEXPI - Data Exchange in the Process Industry


Signaling Pathway Identification

Algorithms for Bilevel and Semi-Infinite and Generalized Semi-Infinite Programs

Stoffdatenparser – Parsing Tool for Thermodynamic Model Parameters from AspenPlus®

Furthermore, we combine experimental investigations with simulations.

Simulation of high-temperature processes

Membrane process models and simulations