Final Thesis

Extraction of oil from yeast cells by using supercritical CO2

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Basic Information

Fluid Process Engineering
Projectthesis / Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen
Focus/Key Topic:


Microorganisms are considered as an alternative for the production of oils and fats to conventional production by means of agricultural or animal resources. These oils and fats are fermented using yeasts. The extraction of the oils from the yeast cells usually takes place by means of organic solvents such as methanol, hexane and chloroform. An alternative may be extraction by means of supercritical CO2. CO2 is an inert, inexpensive and above all a environmentally friendly solvent. The solvent capacity can be adjusted flexibly by means of pressure and temperature. In order to achieve an economic optimum, a statistical method is to be developed which is able to quantify this.

By conducting this work, you achieve:
  • fundamental knowlege in statistical experimental design
  • insights in one of the most interesting topics in process engineering
  • optimizing of the process parameters
  • strengthening your ability to work scientific

You should have:
  • Independent, structured and autonomous way of working
  • Motivation, interest and commitment

The thesis can be written in German or English. If you are interested you can contact me with a short curriculum vitae and your latest Notenspiegel to make an appointment. E-Mail to: