Final Thesis

Extracellular polymer synthesis under microaerobic conditions

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Biochemical Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis / Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen
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Alginate is a versatile polymer which is used in the food industry as well as in medicine. To this day, it is obtained from algae harvested in the sea. It is almost impossible or difficult to influence the production. The project deals with the establishment of a biotechnological process using a bacterium which produces alginate naturally. It could be shown using microaerobic conditions during cultivation that the properties of the alginate can be specifically influenced.

In the course of the work, the medium should be optimized by targeted supplementation and the influence on the production of alginate and its properties investigated. At the same time, the inoculation process has to be characterized and optimized. Alginate is an extracellular polymer which leads to an increase in viscosity during cultivation. In addition to RAMOS technology (shake flask scale) to monitor the respiratory activity, different viscosity measuring methods are used.

During your work you will gain insights into bioprocess engineering processes on a shaking flask scale and get to know various online measuring methods. You will have the opportunity to actively participate in the planning of your work and experiments - everything including extensive support!

Does the topic appeal to you and could you imagine getting to know more about extracellular polymer production under microaerobic conditions? Do you enjoy practical as well as theoretical work and are you careful and independent?

Then I would be happy to get to know you better in a personal conversation and tell you more about my project!