Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA



Yannic Vaupel

Scientific Staff


+49 241 80 94809



The exchange program (ISAP) is funded by DAAD and gives three students each year the opportunity to study two semesters in the Chemical Engineering Department in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Since the courses are offered from the Chemical Engineering Department, the exchange program is limited to the following programs:

  • Maschinenbau mit Vertiefung Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik
  • Computational Engineering Science
  • Wirtschaftingenieurwesen mit Vertiefung Verfahrenstechnik)

A brief description of the program:

  • Scholarship and College Tuitions
    The college tuitions of the CMU (52,732$ each year) are waived completely.
  • When to Apply
    The exchange program starts in the middle of August and ends in the end of May of the following year. The best time to apply for the program is in the 3rd semester at the RWTH. Students from the 5th semester could also apply for the program.