Messtechnisches Labor für Umwelttechnik


The laboratory exercises should convey the practical basics of process engineering. For this purpose, both equilibria and measurement techniques for determining these are familiarized. This provides the students with a basic and practical understanding of the metrological relationships and concepts with regard to the procedural significance. In addition to the presentation of physical measuring principles and their practical application in modern measuring systems, laboratory exercises are carried out in various areas relevant to environmental technology. By actively participating in the lab exercises, students learn that "measuring" involves more than just data acquisition and recognizes that measurement technology is an integral part of modern production processes.
MTL consists of practical exercises that are held in the various participating institutes. Since there is no written exam, the successful participation in the exercises is a test and is therefore mandatory. In order to participate in the practical part in the laboratory, a knowledge query must be filed for provided scripts of the respective experiments.

Subject-related learning objectives:
• The student can specify important methods for measuring physical quantities.
• The student also knows the corresponding measuring instruments and can use them specifically.
• He can interpret the measurement results and formulate potential sources of error.

Non-subject learning objectives (e.g., teamwork, presentation, project management, etc.):
• The tasks of the practical experiments can be developed in teamwork.
• The results of the laboratories must be presented.