Exchange Programs

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Studying abroad offers excellent opportunities for personal and professional development. The exchange programs are supervised by various departments, in each of which some students of RWTH Aachen can study abroad. Course achievements fulfilled abroad can be easily integrated in the curriculum in compliance with the formal conditions.

RWTH Aachen University offers numerous opportunities for exchange programs at partner universities in Europe and around the world. A general overview

In addition to the RWTH Aachen partner universities AVT maintains contact with excellent research groups at internationally renowned universities. Due to this networking the following offers for an integrated exchange program are particularly interesting for students in process engineering:

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

Texas A&M University, USA

Chalmers University, Sweden

University Houston, USA

ERASMUS Austausch KU Leuven, Belgium

ERASMUS Exchange National Technical University of Athens, Greece

ERASMUS Exchange University of Cambridge, England

ERASMUS Exchange University College London, England

ERASMUS Exchange University of Strathclyde, Scotland


FAQ Erasmus AVT

Do the applications for the AVT ERASMUS program count towards my three selected universities that I submit when applying for ERASMUS through the faculty?

The AVT ERASMUS program is based on a bilateral agreement through the cooperation of the AVT department with the partner university abroad. Therefore, the application is separate from the ERASMUS program of the faculty and hence must not be listed in the RWTH ERASMUS portal. Nevertheless, in case of a successful application for the AVT and a resulting study abroad, you should inform the faculty straight away, so other students are granted the possibility to study abroad as well.

Is Chemical Engineering as the selected field of specialization mandatory for the participation in one of the AVT ERASMUS programs?

No, it is not a formal requirement for a study abroad. Nevertheless, the exchange agreement exists between the AVT and the Chemical Engineering Department of the partner university abroad. Your planned studies at the local university should therefore be focused on this specific department. The option to take courses offered by other departments solely depends on the willingness of the partner universities and can vary depending on the individual case; on the part of the AVT, this does not pose a problem. Generally, it is a good idea to describe your planned studies briefly in your letter of motivation and, if appropriate, to justify. In the selection process, it is certainly taken into account that your intended studies are plausible and are consistent with the remaining course of studies.

Do I have to specify a choice of subjects for the application?

No, a specific choice of subjects does not have to be submitted at the time of the application. Nevertheless, it is sufficient to outline the intentions for your studies in your letter of motivation and, if necessary, to give reasons for it. For the selection process, your intentions should be plausible and should fit into your previous course of studies. In case of a nomination, you are later asked to coordinate a final study plan as part of the Learning Agreement with the Study Abroad Counseling.

Which courses taken abroad will be recognized by the RWTH Aachen?

We cannot provide information on recognized courses, as the acceptance of international credits depends on many criteria. For more information, contact the Mentoring for Chemical Engineering.

Which language certificate is required for a study abroad with the AVT?

Usually, a language certificate is only necessary, if you are nominated by us and you subsequently have to apply to the partner university. For your application for the nomination for the AVT no formal language certificate is required, as long as your application does not give rise to serious doubt in this regard. As we are not directly concerned with the language certificate for the partner universities, we cannot name specific language certificates. Generally, there is a variety of possibilites to proof your English skills – an „Englisch-Leistungskurs“ is only one of them. If needed, an appropriate test (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS) can also be delivered later.

Which documents are required for the application for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis with the AVT abroad?

For the application for a thesis abroad with the AVT, we ask for your CV (in English), GPA of academic performances (all), high school graduation diploma and a letter of motivation (in English). If you are applying for multiple exchange programs at different universities abroad, please consider to write a separate letter of motivation for each of them. All necessary documents for your application to one university should be aggregated to a single .pdf-file and send directly to our .

What is the scope of the letter of motivation?

One or two pages are a reasonable and the usual size for a letter of motivation. Please remember that the application should be expressed in the English language.

Is it possible to take courses within the field of economic sciences during the semester abroad (affects: Business Engineering [“Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen”])?

The departmental exchange only exists with the Chemical Engineering Department of the university abroad. Your planned course of studies should therefore primarily be located in that department. The chance to take courses at other departments at the host university, e.g., in the department for economic sciences, exclusively depends on the willingness of the host university and continues on a case-by-case basis; on the part of the AVT, this is not a problem.

How many ECTS per semester abroad are suggested?

The Study Abroad Counselling of the faculty can provide information on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Generally, a minimum of 15 ECTS per study abroad semester have to be completed successfully to receive an ERASMUS mobility stipend (consult: Fakultät für Maschinenwesen).

According to which criteria will my application be examined? Which role does my GPA play?

The selection criteria of the AVT strongly comply with the criteria of the faculty (consult Kriterien der Fakultät).
The individual criteria are:

  • Grade of preliminary studies resp. GPA of academic performances so far (Bachelor) resp. GPA of Bachelor Diploma (Master) as well as duration until graduation
  • Your application (above all motivation, preparation, preoccupation with the university’s offers, optical impression, …)
  • Extracurricular commitment

Consider, that you will be representing the AVT abroad; therefore a very good to good academic performance is implied.

How many applications do the AVT Erasmus programs receive each year?

The number of applicants varies reasonably. A reliable statement can therefore not be made concretely. Generally, we can always encourage you to apply.

Progress report

You can receive progress reports, once you have been nominated for an AVT exchange program. We expect every participant in one of our programs to share her/his experiences in a progress report (2-3 pages) after returning, so future students can benefit from your experiences. Since the faculty expects a progress report as well, the same report can be submitted for the AVT exchange programms.

Do I have to send my application to the partner universities?

The application proceeds in two steps. First, you will apply to us for a nomination. For this purpose, you need to send in the documents specified on the AVT website. In the next step, if you are chosen, your nomination is reported to the partner university. After that, you will have to apply directly to the university abroad as well. Depending on the university, there are different specifications and deadlines for this application; therefore, you will have to consult the website of the according university. This step will only be relevant after a potential nomination.