Student and Final Theses


Our announcements for student theses on our homepage are only visible from the RWTH network (or with VPN, eduroam). Please excuse the inconveniences.

If you are not a student at the RWTH or do not have access to the RWTH network and are interested in writing your thesis with us, please contact our chairs directly.  We will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Here you can find our theses


*** FAQ ***

Register your thesis early. Do I need that?

We strongly recommend that you register your thesis early. Unfortunately, it often happens that students put a lot of time and work into an unapproved topic, but then the thesis is not approved. Professional field supervisors can *and will* reject a thesis if it does not fit in with the course of study.

When does my work officially begin?

The processing time starts with the signature of the supervising professor. Please note that the signature for approval of the thesis (step 3 in the registration sheet) does not mark the beginning of the processing time.

I am a CES student. Where should I send my data entry form?

Please send your applications directly to the email address

I am writing my Bachelor/Master thesis externally. What should i consider?

Pleas remember that in this case the examination board must be approve your thesis. Committee meetings usually take plase only 1-2 times per month. It is therefore best to plan a little more time.