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FAQs Internship

Can my report be handled faster because I would like to register my Bachelor’s Thesis?

Yes. Please tick the adequate box on the form for accreditation of internships in the Virtual Internship Office to ask for priority handling. Usually your report will then be processed within 2 weeks.

Virtual Internship Office

May I pick up my report in exceptional cases outside office hours?

No. The Internship Office is exclusively staffed during office hours.

Internship Office

How do I find an adequate internship?

For the basic internship it is recommended to visit the website of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and have the apprentice database (apprenticeship database) for the preferred region displayed. Companies that i.e. train as industrial mechanics, mechanical engineers, milling machine operators etc., should be able to offer an adequate internship. As a basic principle, the companies should be producing industrial enterprises.

When do I have to present my internship confirmation?

The internship confirmation must be presented upon enrollment (not upon application). It will be handed back immediately after enrollment and not be kept. If the internship is not completed at that time, please bring a temporary confirmation.

I do not have a pre-study internship. May I still enroll at university?

If you have not completed the pre-study internship, you should write an to the Internship Office after having received the letter of admission. In this email you should explain why you have not completed the pre-study internship yet. Furthermore, add supporting documents (such as refusal letters of five different companies, confirmation letters of stays abroad and the like) as well a scanned copy of your letter of admission. The email should also contain your address, your date of birth and the degree program for which you received the letter of admission. After verification of your papers you will receive the documents by email (promptly) and a postal confirmation with which you may enroll with the Student Affairs Office without the pre-study internship.

What is the deadline for making up for the pre-study internship?

If you were admitted to study without the pre-study internship or with only having completed part of the pre-study internship, you must make up for the missing weeks during your studies.

There is no deadline for making up for the internship. At the latest at registration for the Bachelor’s Thesis the 20 weeks of internship must be proved. It is not recommendable to postpone the pre-study internship up to this moment. But scheduling this is everyone’s own duty.

May I do longer internships than 6 weeks before the start of studies?

Yes, you can do as much internship as you like before starting your studies. But you should pay attention to the maximum number of admissible weeks in the different fields.

Does my pre-study internship have to include the whole basic internship (GP)?

No. In principle, the pre-study internship may be completed in all fields (including the specialized internship). It is recommended to complete it in the field of the basic internship. But not the whole basic internship has to be covered within these 6 weeks. For instance, 3 weeks of GP1, 2 weeks of GP2 and 1 week of GP3 would be sufficient. The remaining fields then have to be covered during your studies. Further information on the structure of the internship is included in the Internship Directives.

Is there a guideline for an internship report?

No. In general, the instructions in the Internship Directives do apply. Also, there are no strict guidelines for the layout. Nonetheless, the font size should not exceed 12 points, lines should be maximum 1.5-spaced and the margin should be maximum 2.5 cm. Pictures and charts may certainly be inserted. Furthermore, it should contain a table of contents.

Accreditation of the Internship

How does the internship report have to look like?

Detailed information about this is included in the Internship Directives. In general, the following applies: no daily reports but a coherent text about the individual training sections. Also a short description of the company should not be missing as well as individual examples that were e.g. manufactured during the basic internship. The exact procedure of submitting the report at the Internship Office is described here. The report must at least be signed and stamped on the last page by the instructor of the internship company.

Is there a sample confirmation or a sample contract?

No. The confirmation should be issued by the internship company on the company’s letter paper. It should include the duration of the training in the individual sections and the number of absent days (vacation or sickness). Furthermore, the confirmation should of course be signed and stamped. Also, there is no sample for an internship contract.

Does the Internship Office store my data?

No! Every student must keep their stamped internship confirmations safe themselves and must have an overview on already completed respectively to be completed internships. With launching the Virtual Internship Office, part of your data is stored. The responsibility however is with the student. The stamped confirmations serve as proof for accreditation of the internship and must be stored.

How does the “consultation with the Internship Office” concerning the project internship (FP8) look like?

The easiest is to write an to the intership office. You should describe in short terms which internship you are doing (company, topic etc.) and which field of specialization you have chosen. Then you will get a feedback if any problems are to be expected with the accreditation.

Why can I not see in the Virtual Internship Office what has been accredited although I have received an email that I can pick up my report?

In the Virtual Internship Office you can not see what has been accredited before you pick up your report.

Can single days resp. half weeks be accredited as internships?

No. Five full workdays must be completed for the accreditation of one week, since only then a deeper insight into the actual facts is guaranteed. Please also pay attention to the rule that the minimum stay in a company is three weeks!

I completed vocational training. Can this be accepted as an internship?

Yes, this is possible depending on the vocational training. After enrollment, come into the office with your vocational training docuements (original transcript and a copy) and we will check, whether or not we can accept your vocational training and give you credit for the internship weeks.

If you are studying Business Administration and Engineering, you must contact the Mandatory Internship Officer for Business Engineerings to get recognition for business vocational training.

Can I send my report in the mail?

No, this is not possible. You must submit the report in person into our mailbox.

I study Business and Engineering. Which technical internship can I complete besides the basic internship?

You must submit proof of 10 weeks of a technical internship during Bachelor studies. If you have already completed these weeks during your basic internship, you can orient yourself on the guidelines for mechanical engineering for the rest of the technical internship. These guidelines contain additional technical fields that can be accepted.

I won't have finished my internship by the enrollment deadline. What do I do?

If you are already completing an internship at the time of enrollment, have your internship provider issue you a certificate stating the duration of the internship and confirming that you have begun your internship. This is sufficient for enrollment in the Registrar's Office.

If you have been accepted for an internship that will be completed by September 30, get a temporary certificate and submit either this or a signed internship agreement when enrolling.

If the internship will be completed by September 30, scan your contract or a confirmation of the internship along with your acceptance letter, and send these to the Internship Office via email. In your email include your address, date of birth, and course of study. After your documents have been reviewed, you will receive a certificate with which you can enroll at the Registrar's Office without documentation of a pre-internship.

The company requires a non-disclosure agreement. What does that look like?

Please include a page in your report containing the following:

"This report contains internal company information and confidentional information from the XY. This report may only be used for examination purposes"

The Internship Office can not sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Do I have to pick up my documents personally?

No, they also have the opportunity to authorize someone. Please issue a power of attorney to this person. This must be shown to us. Reports are not sent by mail.

How do I resubmit documents?

f you are requested by the internship office to submit documents later or to complete the internship report, please note your name and matriculation number on the supplement and throw it in a folder in the mailbox of the internship office. The supplement does not have to be signed by the company and no application from the virtual internship office is necessary. As soon as we have added the submitted documents to your report and processed it again, we will notify you by e-mail. You can then make an appointment to pick up the complete report.

Why do I get an error message when I access the Virtual Internship Office?

Access to the Virtual Internship Office is restricted to the RWTH network. To log in or register, you must access the Virtual Internship Office via eduroam or establish a VPN connection to the RWTH network.