Students design "HydroGrid 2035" to supply Germany with H2

  People © copyright Shell Rheinland

With applications in the industrial, mobility and energy sectors, hydrogen will be one of the central building blocks of a sustainable and climate-friendly future. But what exactly will the hydrogen society of the future look like? Twelve students worked on this question for two weeks in the Summer School "The hydrogen society - plan a HydroGrid" hosted by AVT.CVT. 

The participants learned everything about hydrogen through keynote lectures, interactive workshops and a field trip to the electrolysis plant at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland. Based on this, they developed their own concept of a "HydroGrid" for the year 2035 and presented it to experts at the end of the Summer School.  

Through an interactive collaboration of students from different disciplines, the perspective on the challenges involved was broadened. Through a clear strategy, creativity and technical maturity, the concept was able to convincingly present what a hydrogen society in Germany could look like in the near future.