Workshop at AVT for tomorrow's leaders

  Gruppenbild © AVT

Last week, twelve ambitious women from technical institutes and study programs had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills further. The training on "Leadership and Conflict Skills for Women in Technical Professions" was held by NLP expert Jenison Thomkins. Among other things, it addressed personality development, countering under challenging situations and self-coaching. With the methods and thought processes learned, the participants were prepared for leadership positions in technical fields to master stressful situations confidently and with an eye on their strengths. Aachen Process Engineering has many strong female role models and was happy to hold the workshop and give a lab tour. The participation of a PhD student with her 3-month-old child showed how inclusive leadership would be shaped in the future.

Aachen Process Engineering was actively supported in the organization by the female Network Melaten. The training was financed and made possible by the Commission for Equal Opportunity of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. We are happy to be part of creating this wonderful network and look forward to further cooperation and lighthouse projects.