iSurF (interactive Surface Fabrication)

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Maria Restrepo Toro

Scientific Staff


+49 241 80-29947



The interactive Surface Fabrication group (iSurF) creates interactive surfaces from advanced materials in the shape of films, hollow fibers or micro capsules. Our key research objective focusses on the fabrication of micro-porous structures. Above all we explore the interactions of our (multi-)functional surfaces with its environment.

Micro-porous structures find application as membranes to solve global challenges in the field of potable water production as well as in medical applications. We observe the underlying mass transport phenomena to enhance technical systems. Furthermore, we utilize our in-depth knowledge to specifically develop new surface geometries. Those geometry manipulations induce mixing effects in order to overcome system-inherent mass transport limitations. To reach our goals, we find new ways for synthesis routes and processes to apply new materials such as polyelectrolytes and microgels.