Dynamic many-process applications on many-tile embedded systems and HPC clusters : the EURETILE programming environment and execution platforms

Paolucci, Pier Stanislao; Biagioni, Andrea; Murillo, Luis Gabriel; Rousseau, Frédéric; Schor, Lars; Tosoratto, Laura (Corresponding author); Bacivarov, Iuliana; Bücs, Róbert Lajos; Deschamps, Clément; El-Antably, Ashraf; Ammendola, Roberto; Fournel, Nicolas; Frezza, Ottorino; Leupers, Rainer; Lo Cicero, Francesca; Lonardo, Alessandro; Martinelli, Michele; Pastorelli, Elena; Rai, Devendra; Rossetti, Davide; Simula, Francesco; Thiele, Lothar; Vicini, Piero; Weinstock, Jan Henrik

Amsterdam : Elsevier (2015, 2016)
Journal Article

In: Journal of systems architecture : JSA
Volume: 69
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 29-53


  • Chair of Process Systems Engineering [416710]
  • Chair of Software for Systems on Silicon [611910]