Process Design

  Competences in Process Design © AVT.SVT Competences in Process Design

The competences of the method-oriented Process Design Group at AVT.SVT cover predominantly the conceptual and optimization-based design of (bio-)chemical and energy processes. 

We consider different levels of detail, ranging from screening of entire reaction networks over process flowsheet optimization up to the design of single units. Regarding temporal evolution, our work ranges from steady-state design to the consideration of dynamic behavior for the design of flexible processes.

The use of computer-based methods for simulation and optimization is a common theme of our work. For example, we develop methods for deterministic global optimization of process flowsheets or superstructures, as well as methods for the solution of hierarchical optimization problems. Applications for the latter include realistic modeling of material properties. Furthermore, we apply and develop shortcut methods for rapid evaluation of different process concepts. A further key aspect is the use of hybrid process models in process design.