Elektrochemische Anwendungen

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Anna Mechler

Contact: ElektrochemischeAnwendungen.ERT@avt.rwth-aachen.de
Seminar: Introductory event + 2 full-day block seminars
Course schedule: Please get them from the Course calendar RWTH Online
Lecture notes: Available on Moodle
Semester: Summerterm
Language: German
Exam: Colloquium

This seminar combines electrochemical applications with lecture didactics on a technical level. The basics and methodology for good presentations will be taught initially. On this basis, a presentation on relevant electrochemical applications in industry or research will be prepared independently. After the presentation of the lecture, feedback on the lecture style is given. In the second processing phase, this feedback is implemented. This is followed by a final presentation with subsequent technical discussion.