Mentoring for Chemical Engineering


Dear Students,

to slow down the spread of COVID-19 is a social challenge to which the Studienberatung will also contribute. 

Therefore, the following measurements will be taken immediatly:

  • Consultation hours are currently canceled due to closure of the building. Study plan changes canot be put into the letterbox anymore. Alternatively we will offer advice by phone. Please email the following information to :
    • specific questions
    • Telephone number or sykpe name

We will contact you at the usual office hours (Tuesday and Thursday between 2.00 and 3.00 pm) via telephone or skype.

  • Study plan changes or bachelor/master thesises cannot be handed in at the letterbox. They also cannot be handed in personally. Please send us your paperwork as a scan to (if you are studying CES at ) and keep the original for your records. We might require the original later on!

Best health to all,

Studienführung AVT


The faculty of mechanical engineering published a list of current decisions.
These lists include the decision that the final project topic must correlate with the
field of study specification (Mech-Eng Point 4.4, Busi-Eng Point 2)
Therefore, it is important to consider the chemical engineering relevance by chosing the
topic of the mechanical engineering related final project for students in chemical engineering.
Off-topic projects will not be approved.

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I would like to study abroad. What should I pay attention to when requesting a curriculum change?

First, you need to find the right form in the Downloads section of our Faculty’s webpage. There are different forms for Bachelor and Master students. The cover sheet contains important information in German. Please visit us during office hours if you need help. Please make sure to send all necessary documents in one e-mail to facilitate processing.

Do you have recommendations how to replace the mandatory module XY at university XY?

In that case, we are not able to assist you. Curricula and their contents are constantly changing such that we are not able to keep track of these. If you would like to take classes abroad, you have to check carefully yourself and think about what module you want to replace.

Until when do I have to submit my request for curriculum change (SPÄ)?

The receipt stamp of exam board is relevant for a successful request for curriculum change. It needs to be received by the exam board before you take the first exam in a course that is part of the curriculum change request.

May I organize my request for curriculum change from abroad? Do I need to send you the original forms by mail?

Yes, you may organize your request for curriculum change from abroad. I is even recommended because things are changing when you are abroad. However, it is not necessary to send the original forms by mail. It is sufficient to scan the request forms that you filled and signed (please do not send us a photograph!) and send them via e-mail.

How do I fill the box "Ich habe bisher N Studienplanänderungen eingereicht"?

The question addresses the number of curriculum change requests that you submitted during your current program of study. If you are a Master student, do not count the number of requests you submitted during your Bachelor studies.

I do not want to replace a course, what do I fill in the boxes „alt“ and „neu“?

In that case, leave the field „alt“ empty and write the name of the new module into the box „neu“.

Did you already process my request? Did you forward it to the exam board?

Usually we will send you an e-mail when we forward you request to the exam board. I may take us up to a week to process your request.

Do you know whether my request has been approved by the exam board?

After forwarding your request to the exam board, we are done with our work. We do not have any information whether your request will be approved or declined. Please wait for your response from the exam board.

I didn’t study Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen and plan to start the master studies in chemical engineering. What do I have to do?

To get permission for studying chemical engineering you should apply until the 15. January for starting in the summer term and until the 15. July for starting in the winter term. The professional qualifications are checked according to the admission requirements of the examination regulations. The review is done by the examination board of the faculty Mechanical Engineering. Therefore we can’t give binding information about the chance of admission. For further information about the application procedure check this link.