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Viewing and Checking Exam Registrations

In RWTHonline, students, examiners, and the Central Examination Office ZPA, can all operate in the same system. You can view your registration status right after you have logged on to RWTHonline by going to the "examination registration" application or by viewing your Curriculum Support.


Visibility of Exam Registrations

  1. In the "Exam Registration" application, in the "My Exam Dates" section, you can review your exam registrations.
  2. The sections provides you with an overview of all exam dates for which you have officially registered.
  3. The registration status is displayed in the "registration status" column.
  4. Conditional registrations are marked with a symbol showing a white exclamation mark on a yellow background.

Information on Non-Admission

In some subjects, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill before taking an exam. These are listed in the module catalogue of your exam regulation. If you do not fulfill these prerequisites, your examiner cannot admit you to the exam. This is called non-admission.

In RWTHonline, those prerequisites can be entered ahead of time, so that the system can automatically check for them. If this check has a positive result and you actually have fulfilled the prerequisites for the exam by a date up to six days prior to the exam date, then the system will automatically register you for the exam. If not, you will be automatically deregistered. Until the prerequisites check is finalized, your status will show a "preliminary registration" status.

In the "Examination Registrations" application under "My Examination Dates" you can view your registration status: "preliminary registration," "registered," or "de-registered."

Please Note

In the introductory phase of our RWTHonline service, both an automatic check via the system as well as a manual check of the exam prerequisites will take place to fully ensure you will be registered for an exam as long as you fulfill the prerequisites.


Registration correction period

There is no longer a designated correction period with the ZPA. So if you have any problems registering for an exam, please contact the ZPA immediately.


Student Account Statement

Similar to an account statement from a bank, all RWTH Aachen students have a student account statement. The statement depicts the current status of your studies, color coding all of your academic performances since enrollment as well as examination registrations, withdraws, and non-admissions.

No Offical Certificate

the student account statement solely serves as an overview and does not replace any official certificates for your academic performance. Please note that the account statement does not have an effect on your duty to cooperate as governed in the RWTH Aachen enrollment regulation.


Common Questions About the Student Account Statement

What are the advantages of the student account statement?

The student account statement displays the current status of a student's studies at the time it is issued. The account statement color codes all exam registrations, withdrawals, and non-admissions, so that you can recognize these at a glance. 

Where can I find the student account statement?

All student account statements can be found in RWTHonline in the "Certificates" (Documents) application.


How often is the student account statement generated?

In order to get an overview of the current entries in your student account, you can generate an up-to-date statement in RWTHonline at any time by using the "Certificates" (documents) application.

Can I use the student account statement as offical documentation of my achieved academic performance?

No, the student account statement does not replace any official documentation. You can either print out transcripts yourself via RWTHonline or your respective case worker in the Central Examination Office will issue you a transcript during office hours.

What do I do if my student account statement contains an error?

Please contact your respective case worker in the ZPA.