Online Platform Helps with Renovation of Heating Systems


RWTH spin-off company Modern Energy Consulting, modEnerco, has developed a web-based system, which offers building owners suggestions for possibilities to renovate heating systems as well as information about tradespeople.


Energy conservation in buildings is a popular topic. Not least because both the environment and wallet benefit. "Many heaters in Germany are over 20 years old and are no longer up to the current state of technology," says Niklas Rotering, executive manager of modEnerco. "Approximately 880,000 new heaters are installed every year." With this in mind, entrepreneuers Rotering and Florian Rocktäschel developed the online platform modEnerco. Using the platform, building owners can find out whether their heating systems are in need of repair and renovation and how to best update them.

A so-called "energy check" is the center of the online platform. With this tool information is retrieved about the heating system, building, type of roof, and degree of insulation. The Energy Check delivers three examples for renovation including information about costs and resources saved - whether for example a condensing boiler, heat pump, or pellet boiler come into question as possible heating options or if it makes sense to have a combination that includes a solar system. The program compares the saved energy costs to the investment costs, deducting the public funding. Aside from energy costs, it is also possible to calculate energy use and emissions.

Furthermore, it is possible to access a database with 17,000 entries about master craftsmen and to contact heating technicians. Property owners can then evaluate the craftsmen afterwards. These evaluations will make it easier for other users to find suitable businesses.

The plan is to include calculations about the use of photovoltaic systems and to deliver information about suitable insulation measures starting in 2015.

ModEnerco is funded by the EXIST entrepreneuer grant from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, BMWi.

Source: Press and Public Relations


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