Tomato’s Green Gold: Bioeconomy Potential of Residual Tomato Leaf Biomass as a Novel Source for the Secondary Metabolite Rutin

Washington, DC / ACS Publications (2019) [Journal Article]

ACS omega
Volume: 4
Issue: 21
Page(s): 19071-19080


Selected Authors

Junker-Frohn, Laura V.
Lück, Manuel
Schmittgen, Simone
Wensing, Joana
Carraresi, Laura

Other Authors

Thiele, Björn
Groher, Tanja
Reimer, Julia Jessica
Bröring, Stefanie
Noga, Georg
Jupke, Andreas
Schurr, Ulrich
Usadel, Björn
Wiese-Klinkenberg, Anika
Wormit, Alexandra