List of courses offered in Summer term

Courses Lecturer Examination
Apparatus innovations in chemical industry Dr. Wagner Oral Exam
Applied Product Development Prof. Wessling Written Project, Report
Bioreactor Design Prof. Büchs Written Exam
Renewable Ressources in Biotechnological Processes Prof. Büchs Written Exam
Chemical Process Engineering Prof. Wessling Written Exam
Computational Systems Biotechnology 1 Prof. Wiechert/Dr. Noack Oral Exam
Computational Systems Biotechnology 2 Prof. Wiechert/Dr. Noack Oral Exam
Elektrochemische Anwendungen Prof. Mechler Colloquium
Introduction to Process Engineering Prof. Jupke Written Exam
Presentation of scientific topics Prof. Büchs Presentation
Mechanical Process Engineering Prof. Gebhardt Written Exam
Medical Process Engineering Dr. Yüce Oral Exam
Model-Based Estimation Methods Prof. Mhamdi, Prof. Reusken Written Exam
Modeling Technical Systems Prof. Mitsos Written Exam
Online-Monitoring of Fermentation Processes Dr. Ihling Written Exam
Chemical Product Design Prof. Wessling Written Exam
Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes Prof. Mitsos Written Exam
Computer-Aided Process Design Prof. Mitsos Oral Exam
Rheologie Prof. Gebhardt Written Exam
Simulation Methods in Mechanical Engineering Prof. Mitsos/ Prof. Behr Written Exam
Thermodynamik I Wirt.-Ing. Prof. Jupke Written Exam

Seminar in Process Engineering (SS)

AVT - Professoren Oral Exam

Without engagement.
Please check the examination regulations.