Bioreactor Design

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Büchs
Lecture: 2 hrs
Tutorials: 1 hr
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Lecture notes: Available on Moodle
Semester: Summerterm
Language: German
Exam: Written Exam

This lecture deals with the properties of bioreactors which have to be tuned to the special requirements and sensitivities of biological systems. Working under unknown limitations due to wrong design of the bioreactor can lead to a complete failure of biological research or at least to unintended and unnoticed false developments. This is because bioreactors that are used empirically or based on prior experiences have the danger that the bioprocess is not limited by biological but by biochemical engineering parameters. Therefore this lecture deals with the characteristic properties of bioreactors (e.g. power consumption, flow regimes, hydromechanical stress for the microorganisms, oxygen supply, mixing properties of viscous fermentation media, etc.). Information about frequently observed non-ideal behaviour of bioreactors is also given. The lecture is intended for both biologists and biochemical engineers, to enable interdisciplinary discussions, and to show the students that different ways of thought and speech exist in other departments.

The practical part of the course is about difficulties in bioprocess development. Typical problems in design and scale up of bioreactors are presented and explained, and problem solutions are proposed.