Industrial Environmental Technology

Lecturer: Dr. John Linkhorst
Lecture: 2 hrs
Tutorials: 2 hrs
Course schedule: Please get them from the Course calendar RWTH Online
Lecture notes: Available on Moodle
Semester: Winterterm
Language: German
Exam: Written Exam


Starting with an assessment of the environmental impact of industries and the current regulations, from the municipal to the European level, the most important techniques to meet these regulations are presented.

Further, multiple examples for downstream processes, which treat exhaust air and wastewater streams to prevent the emission of pollutants, are presented. Different concepts for air pollution control, dealing with particulate and gaseous hazards are discussed in detail.

Next to these secondary downstream processes, primary measures that inhibit or decrease the formation of pollutants within the process are examined.
Several production processes are regarded exemplarily for integrated measures to reduce their environmental impact. The potential to decrease the emission of pollutants for these processes is assessed and discussed.

With students from different disciplines, the lecture itself offers an interdisciplinary view on pollutant emissions and measures against these, to integrate the different approaches and competences from these fields.