MTL Versuch 8.4

Lecturer: Prof. Alexander Mitsos, Ph.D.
Tutorials: 2 hrs
Course schedule: Please get them from the Course calendar RWTH Online
Lecture notes: Available on Moodle
Semester: Winterterm
Language: German
Exam: Oral Exam

As part of the module ‘Messtechnisches Labor’, AVT.SVT offers a laboratory that deals with modeling of Raman spectra.

Using a process Raman spectrometer equipped with immersion probes, the spectra of solvent mixtures are recorded and evaluated. This evaluation is done using the Software Peaxact via multivariate Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM) regression. Therefore, for each measured component a spectral pure component model is created by a sum of adaptable peak functions. By summation of appropriately weighted pure component models, Raman spectra of arbitrary concentration can be represented. This indirect hard model is calibrated via multivariate regression using reference measurements of known composition and subsequently applied to predict concentrations given external validation spectra.

In this lab, the fundamentals of vibrational spectroscopy, the principle of the Raman spectroscopy, and corresponding chemometric techniques for data evaluation are explained.