Online-Monitoring of Fermentation Processes

Lecturer: Nina Ihling
Lecture: 2 hrs
Course schedule: Please get them from the Course calendar RWTH Online
Lecture notes: Available on Moodle
Semester: Summerterm
Language: German
Exam: written exam

Due to the metabolic activity of microorganisms, a lot of process parameters change over the course of a cultivation. However in turn, this variability influences the growth of microorganisms and the formation of the product, thus creating a mutual relation. In order to provide optimal conditions, it is therefore essential to measure and control critical parameters such as pH. The lecture „Online-Analytik von Fermentationsprozessen“ focusses on the on-line measurement techniques for important process parameter in different bioreactor scales (z.B. STR, Shake Flask, Microtiterplate). Amongst others, the analytical methods comprise pH, pO2, exhaust gas analysis by paramagnetism and IR-Probes and Redox-Potential in STRs, Oxygen Transfer Rate in Shake flasks and optical density and pH measurement in Microtiterplates.