Lecturer: Prof. Dr.rer. nat. Ronald Gebhardt
Contact: Rheologie.SMP@avt.rwth-aachen.de
Lecture: 2 hrs
Tutorials: 2 hrs
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Semester: Summerterm
Language: German
Exam: Written Exam

Rheology means the study of flow and deformation. Central part of it is the concept of viscosity. As opposed to classical hydrodynamics, the viscosity does not appear as a material parameter, but depends on the deformation's history and manner. Many fluids of technical interest exhibit non-Newtonian flow behavior. In the lecture simple mathematical models to describe this phenomenon are presented. An important aspect of rheology is the development of material tests to quantify the above mentioned behaviour of fluids. Therefore, rheometry is covered in detail. Furthermore, the fundamentals for the calculation of simple flows is taught.