Teamwork in Proces Engineering

Lecturer: AVT - Professoren
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Semester: Winterterm
Language: German

The Students work in a group on a project. The overall grade is made up of partial grades that capture the individual work performance.

Quality Improvment Funds This year, the lecture (exercises) "Teamwork in Process Engineering" (ViT) is not funded by Quality Improvement Funds, but exclusively by the six participating AVT chairs.


The students work in groups on a current problem in the field of process engineering research. This includes familiarization with the subject as well as the development and implementation of an own solution strategy. The task involves issues from several disciplines in process engineering. Therefore, students broaden their professional knowledge beyond their own specialization. Depending on the project, the students acquire practical experience with numerical simulation tools and with laboratory experiments.

Registration in RWTHonline

To register for ViT as a master module during the bachelor's program, please send an email with the subject "Anmeldung als Bachelor" to . Please include your grade transcript in this mail so that we can check whether you have reached the required 120 credit points. The registration will then be done manually after we have checked it.

Please note that the registration deadline for the exam is already 15.10.2023. Regular deregistration via RWTHonline is only possible until 15.10.2023 in order not to weaken the small groups by group members dropping out. After that, we will divide the project groups.

To register for ViT as a master module during bachelor's program, you have to sign in regularly for the exam via RWTHonline and additionally send us an e-mail with the subject "[ViT 23/24] Anmeldung als Mastervorzugsfach" to by 15.10.2023. Please add your grade transcript to this e-mail so that we can check whether you have achieved the required 120 credit points in the Bachelor's program. If you provide the requirements, we will take you into account when allocating the examination places.

If you have problems registering for the examination, send an e-mail to as well as (in CC).