Sustainable Processes (SusPro)


The workgroup for sustainable processes (SusPro) investigates and develops membrane based processes for reaction and separation technology. The dimension of the systems ranges from micro to macro up to pilot scale processes. Research and development concentrate on membrane syntheses, membrane integration, membrane module design and its integration in various processes aiming at the best outcome. Through the combination of experiments and numerical evaluation the workgroup SusPro has several opportunities for problem solving and to validate simulation results. Software packages that are used include ASPEN Plus®, ASPEN Custom Modeler®, gProms® and GAMS®.

The workgroup SusPro is involved in the cluster of excellence FSC, wherein the valorization of biomass to highly valuable chemicals is the overall objective. Other projects in our group deal with protein purification, gas separation processes and systems with organophilic nanofitration setups.