Final Thesis

Concentration and recovery of valuable components via novel membrane process

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive / simulativ
May 2019


Water desalination processes have a wide variety of possible applications. Apart from the desalination of water, for example for the use as drinking water, the application for a wide range of tasks in industry is possible. At the Chair of Chemical Process Engineering we are working on a new membrane based water desalination process.

The scope of this thesis is to investigate the selectivity of the process for different ionic components. For this, different concepts should be tested which aim at improving the permselectivity. A simulative work package is possible if you are interested.
The work offers you:
  • Introduction of your own ideas into a very exciting and active research field
  • An extensive supervision
  • Systematic approach to scientific research
  • If interested: inclusion modelling/simulation workpackage possible
You should have:
  • Interest in practical work and experiments
  • Curiosity, interest at in learning about new areas (electrochemistry)
  • Accurate and autonomous way of working

If the topic catches your interest or you have questions please contact me. We can also meet in person if you would like to have more information. The extent of the thesis can be adjusted depending on whether you need to do a bachelor's or master's thesis. If you are interested in modelling/simulative work it is also possible to include that as a workpackage for your thesis.