Final Thesis

Numerical Methods for Solving Large, Ill-Conditioned Semiinfinite Programs Arising from Rigorous Simulations of Thermodynamic Systems

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Process Systems Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:
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You will implement and solve engineering related problems with our in-house solver, based on McCormick relaxations.

Focus is on global optimization of constraint nonlinear problems in the field of process systems engineering and further development of our solver.

Develop strategies for efficient computation of the Branch and Bound algorithm, its process engineering models with guaranteed thermodynamic stability (Semi Infinite Programming) and compare with available benchmarks.

The implementation will be performed in C++ for single level and GAMS for multi-level optimization

>your profile:

  • Student in the field: CES/ Maschinenbau/ Verfahrenstechnik/ Mathematik/ Simulation Science.
  • Interest in optimization is advantageous.
  • Previous knowledge in C++/GAMS or process engineering is not mandatory but favorable.
  • Please apply with RWTH transcript (Campus Office Transcript)
  • This Work is a preparation for students considering doing their PhD.