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Advanced treatment technologies to improve the efficiency of wastewater plants

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Chemical Process Engineering
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Conventional wastewater treatment plants are limited in their capacity to retain so-called Micro-Pollutants (MPs) like pharmaceuticals. Discharged into the environment those micro-pollutants cause short-term and long-term toxicity, endocrine disrupting effects, and antibiotic resistance of microorganisms. High persistence, wide variety, and quite low concentration are also three prominent features of these pollutants that have made them a new emerging challenge in water and wastewater field. Therefore, significant enhancement of conventional treatment systems and development of new technologies are required. Adsorption and oxidation are two main concepts that can be applied along with biological degradation to achieve a better removal.

In this student thesis, the removal of selected MPs by Advanced Oxidation Processes will be investigated. The thesis comprises the following steps:

  • Adsorption and oxidation experiments
  • Characterization of different carbon materials
  • Investigation of pure compounds removal vs. synthetic wastewater
  • Comparison, analysis, and interpretation of obtained results

What you get:
  • Practical skills for lab working
  • Detailed insights into oxidation, adsorption, and solution chemistry
  • Collaboration in an international project (SuPER-W:
  • Close supervision

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