Final Thesis

Unravelling the aging behaviour of novel gaspermeation membranes

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Chemical Process Engineering
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Gas permeation membranes are currently used for the separation of nitrogen from the air, CO2 from natural gas or hydrogen from refinery gases and represent an energy-saving alternative to existing processes. In recent years, great efforts have been made to develop new membrane materials in order to increase the performance of the membrane processes and expand the field of application. This led to the discovery of novel polymers with outstanding separation properties. It turned out, however, that these lose a large part of their performance after only a short time in use. Subsequently, an attempt was made to determine the mechanism responsible for this. To date, however, only equilibrium tests have been carried out for this purpose.
The aim of this thesis is to develop a method that allows an in-situ analysis of the polymer film during the permeation test and to observe changes in the structure of the polymer film. For this purpose, the existing measuring cell will also be optimized.

You should bring:

  • interest in experimental work
  • Fun in learning complex topics
  • Careful and independent working

For you this work offers:

  • Practical work experience in the laboratory
  • Cooperation on innovative research topics
  • Extensive care

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