Final Thesis

Simulation of electrical resistance measurements in organ-on-chip

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Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


In medical research it is desired to reduce or even to eliminate animal testing. For this purpose it is inevitable to develop a realistic model system. One possibility to achieve this goal is to cultivate mammalian cells in the laboratory and to study their reactions to different substances. To mimmic more sophisticated biological structures At the department for Chemical Engineering a so called Organ-on-Chip was developed which allows the simultaneous cultivation of barrier forming cells and electrical characterization of the barrier.

This bachelor thesis includes following work packages:

  • Implementation of a simulation program for the simulation of electric resistance measurements in organ-on-chip
  • Optimising the design of the Organ-on-Chip
  • Systematic approach to scientific research

You should have:

Curiosity and interest in learning about new areas Accurate way of working

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