Final Thesis

3D vortex formation at ion-exchange membranes quantified using µPIV

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Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive


Access to clean drinking water will be one of the major challenges in the next decades. There are multiple ways of producing clean water. An important method is purification with ion-selective membranes. For example in electrodialysis, brackish water is purified. In novel applications, ion-selective membranes are used in redox flow batteries and microfluidics.

In electrodialysis at high potentials, vortices are forming at the membrane surface. This leads to better mixing of the boundary layer and an enhanced ion transport. Therefore, earlier onset and stronger vortex formation is a major goal in many studies. One promising concept is printing patches on the membrane surface. It was shown that patches alter and improve the vortex formation.

The task of this study is the visualization and interpretation of the vortex formation at membrane surfaces with differently charged patches. First, an existing micro fluidic module has to be modified. Second, vortex formation at differently modified membranes is measured and quantified.


· Self-initiative

· Craftsmanship

· Interest in 3D-printing and microfluidics


· Interesting and varied tasks

· Deep look into current research (Cooperations with Stanford (USA), Twente (Netherlands), KUBSU (Russia))

· Hands on experience (3D-Druck, µPIV)

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