Final Thesis

Optimization of syngas cultivation to metabolize CO, CO2 and H2

Key Info

Basic Information

Biochemical Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive
3rd of February 2020


Goal of the project is to transform industrial waste gases into valuable products using biocatalysts. As gasfermentation is a comparatively new topic and not previously studied at the BioVT, new techniques and methods have to be invented and established.

Cultivating anaerobic organisms is tricky, as small amounts of oxygen will lead to an instant death of the bacteria. Furthermore, cultivation on gasesous carbon sources in when compared to noramel sugar fermentation, fairly slow. Therefore, one goal is to increase the gas-liquid mass transfer.

The project aims at the testing and validating of different setups that have been installed (Serumbottles, RAMOS, Fermenter) concerning the gas liquid mass transfer in microbial cutlivation. The main focus will be the utilisation of carbon monoxide as carbon and energy source. All devices used are prototyps, when needed further measurment techniques can be installed.

This project offers: An overview of up to date topics of bioprocess engineering
Methode development and establishment of the developed methods
Continuous and intensive supervision to learn autonomous working

You should:
Be interested in learning new topics
Have fun performing practical work
Work in a thoughtful manner, especially needed when working with toxic or explosive gases

If you are interested just contact me at any time. I am happy to further outline my topic and we can discuss about what project you are especially interested in. I am always happy to include some of your ideas and your interests or input.