Final Thesis

Freestanding selective layers for ion separation applications

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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Seawater desalination is the most commonly known example when it comes to membrane treatment of salty solutions. Besides, there are countless examples of separation tasks such as in process water streams of chemical industry, where a directed retention of ions is requested.

Assembly of nanofiltration membranes deployed in these applications uses coating of a support structure with wider pores. Direct characterization of the manufactured selective layer is hardly possible.

This work aims to develop a method controlling the support structure as well as the coating method in order to manufacture freestanding selective layers. Direct characterization then is easily feasible. Main topics in this work will be

  • Adjustment of the coating-setup
  • Membrane manufacturing
  • Investigation of the support structure’s wetting behavior during the coating process
The work offers
  • Extensive support
  • Experience in practical work
  • Autonomous work on eclectic and challenging tasks

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