Final Thesis

Scale-up of an aeration module for usage in reactors

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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experimental / constructive


While the oxygen input in conventional fermentations is usually realized by bubble- aeration, care must be taken in this process to a bubble-free aeration: Due to the biosynthesis of surfactants foaming in the fermenter head is difficult to avoid. The use of anti-foaming agents must also be critically evaluated, as this entails complex product purification in the downstream process. By using membrane modules for a bubble-free gas entry can be dispensed with anti-foaming agent. Promising previous work on this topic is already available. The previous scale was 2L. Now the step follows into the 10 L, 50L and 150L (high pressure) reactor. A special focus of this work lies on the conception of the scalability of the previous modules. The process control of the pressures and gases used should also be taken into account. The work can be started immediately.