Final Thesis

TLK Energy, Aachen: Optimal control of an exothermic polymerization

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Process Systems Engineering
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Polymers are produced in batch reactors. The reactor is initially heated up to start the reaction. When the reaction is running, it is highly exothermic and needs adequate cooling. The increasing demand of different polymers in the last years, large reactor vessels are used, where the heat transfer is of great importance. Therefore, a good model of the heat transfer is necessary to subsequently optimize the reaction. Dynamic optimization problems have to be formulated and solved numerically. Possible degrees of freedom of the optimization are the monomer feed rates, cooling fluid flow rates. Both quantities can be varied within bounds. The reactor and the cooling jacket will be modelled using Modelica. Existing submodels can be used. The overall model will be coupled to the optimization tool DyOS to optimize the batch.

  • Modelling of a simple polymerization in Modelica
  • Modelling of a cooling jacket in Modelica
  • Formulation and solution of optimal control problem in DyOS
  • Interpretation and presentation of the results


  • Master thesis in cooperation with TLK Energy in Aachen
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Interest in simulation and optimization necessary
  • Start immedialy possible

If you have any further question or if you are interested in the work, please feel free to contact me.