Final Thesis

Investigation of the mechanical resilliance of casein microparticles

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Soft Matter Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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In recent years, the demand for nano- and microparticles from natural biopolymers has steadily increased. Supramolecular structures from milk proteins, for example, can be used as natural, non-toxic carriers for bioactive substances and drugs in pharmaceutical and food industry. Various processes are available for their production, from folding by denaturation and subsequent cross-linking to the aggregation of stable casein micelles by means of depletion forces and subsequent film drying.

Our research group developed a new method for targeted supramolecular structure formation that does not require a destabilization step. We use casein micelles as basic building blocks, which are obtained from milk. The addition of pectin leads to an aggregation of micelles to bigger casein microparticles, which can be stabilized by film drying.

However, before the bio based microparticles can be used as carrier systems it is inevitable to investigate properties such as chemical stability, temperature resistance and mechanical resilience. The aim of this work is to investigate the influence of mechanical stress on microparticles in the human body.

For this purpose:

  • the influence of extensional flow in microfluidic chips on the shape of micro particles will be investigated. This requires a modification of the already existing microfluidic chips to enable temperature control.
  • the influence of shear stress on micro particles is to be investigated with a rotational rheometer.

The investigations will also be carried out under different environmental conditions (pH value, ionic strength) corresponding to those in the human body.

The work includes literature research, experimental lab work, as well as the interpretation of the collected data.