Final Thesis

Entwicklung einer Mikrotiterplatte zur Kultivierung von Mischkulturen in getrennten Kompartimenten

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Biochemical Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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Mixed culture fermentations are becoming more and more important as the metabolic repertoire of several organisms can be exploited in one process step. On the one hand, this minimizes the amount of equipment required, as several conversion steps are carried out in parallel. On the other hand, the organisms can also positively influence each other, for example by removing inhibitory substances from the culture broth. However, the established online measurement methods for determining biomass concentrations only provide an overall signal and do not provide information on how much biomass of which microorganism is present in the mixed culture. Therefore, in this project we are developing a microtiter plate that allows the organisms to be cultivated in separate compartments. However, the exchange of soluble components should be possible via membranes between the compartments. This will make it possible to study the interactions between the organisms without having to develop novel measurement methods for determining biomass. In the thesis, the first prototype of the plate will be further developed and characterised. It is hoped that the first biological experiments will eventually be carried out.