Final Thesis

Development of an optical measuring method for the quantitative determination of the flow regime in a supercritical CO2 extraction column

Key Info

Basic Information

Fluid Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


Supercritical CO2 extraction is one of the most important methods for solvent-free concentration of temperature-sensitive components. In addition, the use of the scCO2 extraction column for the production of bioethanol is also considered. Mass transfer poses a challenge in the design of the column. The mass transfer changes the properties and thus the flow behavior of the liquid phase in the column.

To quantify the fluid dynamics, two pairs of windows are mounted on the column. Here, appropriate measuring methods are used to make quantitative statements about the influence of the ethanol concentration on the fluid dynamics. The aim of the work is to develop an optical measuring method. Various Matlab tools that have already been developed at the chair are to be tested and expanded. After a statement about the fluid dynamics can be made, a model already developed at the chair should be adapted to the laboratory results. The results from the laboratory and the model should be critically compared.

You will get:

  • Understanding of physical relationships in the field of supercritical CO2 extraction
  • knowledge in MATLAB as well as in model development and modeling,
  • Operation and handling of a process plant on a pilot scale,

You should be:

  • interest in topic,
  • Structured, independent and clean working,
  • Creativity in solving problems.