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Membranes with a twist - Investigation of the flow pattern with COMSOL and magnetic resonance imaging

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Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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Geometry matters - The topology of the geometry of membranes influences the flow field and thereby the hydrodynamic effects. Introduction of secondary flows increase the mass transport properties of the membrane, mitigate fouling and concentration polarization behavior.
At the Chair of Chemical Process Engineering, we focus on investigating the flow behavior by novel MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) flow velocimetry and computational fluid dynamics. With you, we want to investigate the influence of topology on the flow field. Here we investigate membranes with a twist: Helical Ridge Membranes
Helical Ridge Membranes comprise the conventional hollow fiber geometry of a tube featuring a helically wound ridge on the tube’s inner surface. This surface pattern disturbs the mean flow and promotes mixing. We fabricate Helical Ridge Membranes with the standard dry-jet wet spinning technique utilizing a highly specialised setup. Additive manufacturing enables us to manufacture specifically designed 3D printed, microstructured spinnerets to create the ridge on the tube’s inner surface. To further twist the ridge helically, we apply our home-engineered Spinning² setup, which allows rotating the spinneret during hollow fiber spinning. We would like to work with you on the following work packages:

  • Perform computational fluid dynamics simulation in COMSOL
  • Investigation of topology on the flow field
  • Perform MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) flow velocimetry
We offer:
  • experimental and simulative experience
  • useful and practical skills computational fluid dynamics simulations
  • insight in magnetic resonance imaging
  • peaceful laboratory environment
  • new, state of the art laboratories and equipment
  • intensive supervision by three experienced PhD students (Denis Wypysek, Maik Tepper, Deniz Rall)
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.