Final Thesis

Spiders in engineering - technical mimicking of the spiders spinning-process

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:
experimental / constructive


Strong and biocompatible high-tech materials as spider silk would revolutionize bio-medical technology if they get technically accessible. Beside material properties, the shape of spider silk is one of the key factors for using it as scaffold for cell cultivation. In this project we aim to mimic the spiders spinning process and use micro-3D-printing to fabricate a technical approximation of the spinneret. We will fabricate micro-fibers, analyze them and compare them with real spider silk in cooperation with Biology. Methods of this thesis include:

  • CAD-construction of spinnerets
  • Micro-3D-printing of microfluidic channels and spinnerets
  • Microfluidic spinning of fibers
  • Analysis of the fibers

Students should bring:

  • High motivation to work independent
  • Lab experience
  • Experience in 3D-CAD-design
If you are interested in writing a bachelor or master’s thesis in this project, please send a short informal application to