Final Thesis

Microfiltration of Casein Micelles - Fouling Analysis on Mirofluidic Membranes

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Basic Information

Soft Matter Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


Casein micelles are soft, complex biocolloids derived from milk. They have a broad range of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry. They are, on the one hand, raw material of a number of gelled foods such as yogurt or cheese, but can also be functionalised to carriers for biofunctional ingredients and medicaments. On an industrial scale, casein micelles are recovered from the milk by membrane filtration. During filtration, a fouling layer forms on the membrane, which significantly influences the mass transport. In order to investigate the structure and dynamics of the fouling layer in situ, filtration experiments should be carried out in microfluidic sample environments. Using light and fluorescence microscopy, the casein concentration in the fouling layer and its gel transition point should be investigated.

Within the scope of the work:

  • Microfluidic chips for the filtration experiments shall be fabricated,
  • filtration experiments with fluorescent labelled casein micelles are to be carried out,
  • suitable methods for the quantitative evaluation of the generated image data are to be identified and established.

The work includes literature research, experimental lab work, as well as the interpretation of the collected data.