Final Thesis

Reactor design - for better electrodes by 3D-printing

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis / Projectthesis
Focus/Key Topic:


Plastic materials are omnipresent in our every-day life, therefore the devolopment of a sustainable production process is of great importance. This project gives an insight in industrial-close and red-hot research.

A new approach is the electrochemical synthesis of starting materials for plastic industry. Therefore, suitable electrodes are necessary. The task is the development and construction of a reactor for electrode functionalization with 3D printing. Additionally, the influence of different flow geometries of the flow channel are investigated.

This project offers:
  • work in an exciting, sustatinable, industrial relevant and red-hot research topic.
  • extensive supervision
  • a systematic approach towards scientific questions
  • Knowledge in electrochemistry and reactor design
You should:
  • have fun conducting experiments and/or constructive work
  • be curious and motivated to learn the ropes of new topics (electrochemical engineering)
  • should have experience with Inventor
  • work carefully and independent

Interested? Contact me and we can discuss further details in person. The topic can be adapted concidering the type of your thesis or project.