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Optimizing the fermentation strategy of methylotrophic yeasts for recombinant protein production

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Biochemical Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
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The aim of this project is the production of recombinant proteins in methylotrophic yeasts. In the advanced development of an efficient bioprocess different feed strategies have to be tested and evaluated. These include the optimization of the process time, the establishment of a suitable inductor concentration, and the influence of different supplements on productivity. In the course of the project different cultivation strategies will be tested at 2L stirred tank reactor scale. The strategies will be evaluated with regard to their productivity and space-time yield. A high cell density process seems promising. Offline measurement techniques such as HPLC and GPC analyses are used to characterize the processes. The work provides an insight into the determination and interpretation of online data for the optimization of a bioprocess with yeast cultures. The scope of the thesis can be adapted to a Bachelor thesis as well as to a Master thesis. For further information, an appointment for a personal meeting can be arranged.