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Economic comparison of different concepts providing electrical flexibility in the chlorine industry

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Process Systems Engineering
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The increasing generation of electricity from renewable energies is subject to significant temporal fluctuations, e.g., due to weather conditions. These fluctuations endanger the stability of the electricity grid. In order to maintain grid stability, the electricity market has created initial incentives for large electricity consumers to adapt their electricity consumption to electricity generation.

In the herein described Master thesis, different concepts for offering flexibility in the chlorine industry are to be examined. As such, a variable Chlor-Alkali electrolysis will be compared to a variable and switchable process, the utilization of a battery or other concepts. Models for the processes are already implemented in GAMS and are at disposition for the work.

The goal is to develop a metric for comparing the different concepts offering electrical flexibility. This should be done taking into account the investment costs for implementing the necessary flexibility and taking into account the operating costs (for different electricity price scenarios). You will therefore determine optimal operation for different scenarios of the described concepts in GAMS. The knowledge of the software GAMS is not required and can be acquired during the thesis, though, the basics of modeling and simulation should be known.

The starting date can be individually agreed on. Just send us an email or call us to clarify further questions/details.