Final Thesis

Catalyst recovery in homogeneous catalyzed reaction systems.

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Fluid Process Engineering
Studythesis for Umweltingenieure
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Homogeneous catalyzed reaction systems are known for their high activity. Hence, it is possible to operate the reaction at milder reaction conditions. Moreover, the homogeneous catalyzed reaction system benefits from higher selectivities and a higher space time yield. However, in homogeneous catalyzed systems the separation of the reaction catalyzed is much more challenging than in heterogeneous catalyzed systems. Especially, the production of metal complex catalysts is very expensive and therefore an efficient recovery of the catalyst is crucial for the economic success of a chemical process.
For this thesis homogeneous catalyzed reaction systems and their application in industry have to be searched in literature. The main goal is to get an insight knowledge about technical application of catalyst recovery in those reactions systems.

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