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nvestigation of the phase behavior of microgel stabilized liquid-liquid systems

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Fluid Process Engineering
Forschungspraktikum for Biotechnologen / Studythesis for Umweltingenieure
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In recent years, microgels as "smart" polymers have gained more and more scientific attention. Of particular interest here is the switchability of physical properties through various triggers, such as a change in temperature. In previous scientific investigations, the focus has been on the chemical structure and material properties of microgels. Even though the use of microgels in a wide range of applications is very promising, the current investigations on the application of microgels concentrate on the targeted transport of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Nevertheless, their dispersion stabilizing effect makes microgels an interesting option for liquid-liquid extraction processes. The stabilization mechanism of microgels on dispersions is not yet fully understood. In this thesis the influence of microgels on the phase behaviour of the dispersion shall be investigated. The phase behavior describes, among other things, the direction of dispersion of the system depending on the volume ratio of both phases. It is known that other surfactants such as surfactants influence the phase behavior. This will be investigated experimentally in a series of experiments for the microgel stabilized system.