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Master Thesis Modelling Loop Reactor

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Fluid Process Engineering
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White biotechnology has experienced an enormous boom in recent years. It offers the possibility to produce products that are based on fossil resources with the help of biotechnological processes from regenerative sources. The conversion of regenerative sources into products takes place in fermenters with the help of organisms. Many products inhibit production so that fermentation stops even at low concentrations in the medium. In an innovative apparatus designed by the chair, a classic loop reactor and an extraction column are combined for this purpose. This reactor concept is intended to enable simultaneous gassing of the aqueous phase and in-situ product separation by means of liquid-liquid extraction. In preliminary work, the fluid dynamic feasibility of the reactor was validated and the geometry adapted by means of a multi-phase CFD simulation. The next step is to model the mass transport within the reactor. The loop reactor has different flow ranges, in which on the one hand an extraction and on the other hand an oxygen supply with air is made possible. In this work, a model developed at the chair in Matlab is to be applied and adapted to calculate the material transfer in the reactor. The results of this work are to be discussed and suitably documented.