Final Thesis

Production of carbon-coated metallic structures for catalyst immobilization

Key Info

Basic Information

Chemical Process Engineering
Focus/Key Topic:


In the scope of the Fuel Science Center (FSC), a method for the production of metallic support structures with a carbon coating is to be developed. These structures present as highly resistant in harsh conditions, which renders them applicable for a wide range of different chemical processes. In a follow up step, a project partner will coat the produced structures with a functional catalyst. This work will provide the foundation for a proof of concept for this method. The pore structure of both metallic and carbon structures will be optimized in regard to the catalytic activity of the integrated system as well as mechanical stability.

Your task will be to:

  • Produce metal-doped polymeric structures for application in harsh conditions
  • Coat these metallic supports with a highly porous carbon layer
  • Characterize the porosity of the coated carbon layer
  • Optimize the mechanical stability as well as the pore structure for minimal transport limitations

You will:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and engineers
  • Participate in a highly ambitious project
  • Get a close supervision
  • Learn different characterization techniques