Final Thesis

Switching or not? - Comparative analysis for flexible operation of chlor-alkali electrolysis

Key Info

Basic Information

Process Systems Engineering
Masterthesis / Bachelorthesis
Focus/Key Topic:


This research topic aims to analyze a variety of flexible operation strategies for chlor-alkali (CA) electrolysis, which is one of the energy-intensive industrial plants, for a longterm period. Under the fluctuations in prices and carbon footprints of grid electricity, you will investigate variable operation (changing production levels) and/or switchable operation (changing operational modes) of CA electrolysis employing (1) the conventional standard cathode (STC), (2) the oxygen-depolarized cathode (ODC), (3) combination of STC and ODC and (4) a novel bifunctional electrode.

You will firstly build a quasi-stationary model of CA electrolysis. Then, you will formulate optimization problems to determine the optimal operation profiles of CA electrolysis. Particularly, you will analyze how much production costs can be saved over the lifetime (~20 years) by the flexible operations. To this end, you are expected to come up with a smart idea on how to analyze long-term economics while concerning short time steps (e.g., time series aggregation).

What we expect from you:

  • You should be interested in numerical optimization
  • You should be familiar with programming
  • It would be nice if you have experience with GAMS or Pyomo
  • It would be nice if you have basic knowledge of electrochemistry
  • You should be able to communicate in English

If you are interested in this research topic, please send your short CV and transcript to Kosan Roh (